Email marketing is a great way to reach your target audience and convince people to buy your product and services. One of the best forms of email marketing is the call to action email. But what is a call to action email, and how do you write one for your business?

This guide will explain how to write a call to action email for your business, including:

  • What is a call to action email?
  • What should a call to action email include?
  • What tools can you use to write call to action emails?

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What is a call to action email?

A call to action or CTA is an email that encourages immediate action. The goal of the call to action email is to get the reader to click-through and buy the product or service. 

Call to action emails focus on the button or link that promotes an action. For example, if you send an email that asks people to subscribe to your services, you might have a button that says ‘Subscribe Now.’ 

Call to action emails are important forms of marketing because they don’t just inform readers about your company and services. They show the reader how they could benefit from your services. It advertises your business to gain clients or sell products as soon as it reaches the reader. 

Because of this, it’s important to know how to write a call to action email to show readers what your product can offer. By designing and writing the email well, you could increase your client base and sales.  

What should a call to action email include?

Knowing how to write a call to action email is important to increase your earnings through email marketing. You’ll need to know what a call to action email looks like and what it should include. 

Every word counts

In call to action emails, focus each work on the action that you want the reader to make. Keep the email short and focused to avoid unnecessary content. You could start the email with a story that answers the question of why the reader should buy your product or service. You could also explain your company mission and why you do what you do. 

While writing the email, make an argument for why the reader should act. Consider what might make you click through an email. Can you offer them something that they can’t get anywhere else? How will this action make their lives easier? Present your argument clearly and consider asking the reader pointed questions. 

Also consider the title and subject line of the email to best catch the reader’s eye. Try to explain your call to action in the subject line efficiently. 

Consider the CTA

The focus of the email will be the button or link that you want the reader to click. Make sure this is easy to find in the email. You can put it at the top or center of the email and give it a colourful design. 

Then, label the CTA with what you want the reader to do, such as ‘buy now’ or ‘learn more.’ When writing the CTA, consider how to phrase it best. It should be phrased in an appealing way that suggests it will be useful and worthwhile to the reader. 

Also, consider how accessible you can make this action to the reader. The easier it is to take action, the more likely the reader will do so. 

Design the email for its audience

A lot of email marketing is visual. If the reader only scans the text, make it clear what you’re offering through the email’s design. When designing the email, consider how you can use colours and illustrations or photos to make it appealing and consistent to your brand.

Try to make the design of the email relevant to your small business. For example, If you’re promoting a social media marketing business, you could make the email reminiscent of social media platforms. If your business involves marketing or visual design, consider the design as an example of your skills. 

If someone glances at this email, will they know what your business is about? Will they know what your call to action is? Also, add links to your social media accounts and business website at the end of the email. This will make you accessible to the reader. 

What tools can you use to write call to action emails?

Once you know how to write a call to action email there are some tools you can use to write one. 

First, make sure you have a business email set up so you can send marketing emails. You could use platforms like Adobe or Canva to design the call to action email and make it unique to your business. 

To send your email to a large group of recipients at once, you may want to use an email marketing service. Platforms like MailChimp, TinyLetter, and Hubspot could help with your email marketing management. 

These tools also have features to track the readership and outreach of your emails. They make it easy for people to subscribe to your emails. They also have design tools for your emails to help you create professional-looking call to action emails.