There’s no point making connections if you don’t use them effectively. Using your connections the right way can help propel your small business, find you more work, and improve your overall success. 

If you’re not sure how exactly to do that, then you should start by reading our guide. We’ll go over the following: 

  • Learn new skills and techniques
  • Find more jobs
  • Discover new products
  • Uncover fresh avenues

Where to find makeup artist networking groups

While networking is important for every profession, it’s especially important for makeup artists. If you need a helping hand with finding a networking group, try the methods below. 

Social media

Using social media to develop your network is one of the easier methods. By using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can quickly find like-minded artists


Facebook is filled with groups, both private and public. There are plenty of groups for makeup artists, but we’ve gone ahead and found some good ones. 


If you want to connect with specific people instead of a large group, you might want to use Twitter. It’s easy to find and follow various makeup artists, and even get in touch with them by replying to their tweets.

If you’re trying to build a connection with them, remember to chat with them first. Build a rapport, and you’re more likely to see success.


Like Twitter, Instagram is great for finding people instead of a large group. The benefit here is that you can see exactly what type of style other makeup artists create

Other platforms may not show an artists style straight away, but Instagram does. Seeing their portfolio can alert you to building a connection with a someone in a completely different sector. 

If you specialise in events makeup for example, you might only want to connect with other events makeup artists. 

In-person events

Meeting other makeup artists at networking events is a great way to build a connection. You can even put a face to the names you know from various social media groups. 

Don’t forget to use your existing connections to introduce you to other artists. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is very relevant. 

The more well-known makeup artists you’re able to connect with, the faster your business can grow — if you use them effectively. 

Don’t try and jump in the deep end straight away. Make connections with smaller makeup artists, and work your way up. You never know, a smaller connection might be about to break through and can help you along the way. 

If you’re struggling to find events to attend, try using a service like Eventbrite. You can search for specific terms, like “makeup show”, and you should be able to find what you need. 

How to use makeup artist networking connections

Having connections is all well and good, but you need to know how to use them. We’ve explained some ideas below for how you can best use your networking connections.

Learn new skills and techniques

One of the best things about makeup artist groups is that you teach each other new techniques and styles

For example, someone might show you their new winged eyeliner look. In return, you show them your secret contouring tricks.

Joining these groups allows you to draw inspiration from others. You could even try mixing and matching aspects of different styles to create your own look. 

Find more jobs

A common goal you may want to achieve by making connections is finding new jobs. So how can you use your connections to do that?

Well, people typically recommend jobs to those they know and like, rather than complete strangers. 

So first, focus on getting to know the other people in your networking group. Build a connection that extends beyond simply discussing makeup and industry-related topics. 

If you live close by to someone, why not invite them to meet up? This could be for a coffee, or some other activity. They don’t need to become your closest friend, but you should be friendly with them. 

Second, you need to prove that you’re capable. If someone isn’t sure how good you are, they might not recommend you for a job. That’s because their reputation would take a hit if you weren’t good enough.

Sharing a strong portfolio and examples of your previous work might be enough. 

Finally, you should try asking for help. There’ll always be someone more experienced than you who can answer questions or help you out in other ways.

Discover new products

Cosmetic companies always creating new makeup products. Whether it’s a mascara with a new lash lengthening formula, or a new eyeshadow palette. 

Trying to track all the new products and palettes coming out can take up a lot of time. Instead, use your connections to stay on top of new developments

You can even talk to each other about what the new makeup is like. That way, you can get a trusted opinion on a product before you buy it. Considering how expensive makeup can be, it can save you a lot of money.

Uncover fresh avenues

The world of makeup is a big one, and there are loads of different types you can get into. We’ve listed a few examples below:

  • Stage makeup
  • TV makeup
  • Special effects makeup
  • Fashion show makeup
  • Events/beauty makeup

There are so many more that you might not know about. Even if you do, they can seem intimidating to get into. This is where you can use your connections.

If you’ve got a contact already involved in a niche, talk to them about it. It might be more accessible than you think, and it could end up being quite fun. You never know until you try.

Expanding your repertoire

When you’re growing your portfolio, you might want to start making video tutorials. This can also help you build a social media following, and put you in the path of bigger industry names

Of course, to make tutorials, you’ll need the right equipment. To save you time, we’ve already some of the hard work. Why not check out the following guides on, and hit the ground running?

Financial management

Keeping track of your finances can take up a lot of your time. When time also needs to be spent networking and growing your business, it can become incredibly stressful. 

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