Creating a brand for your startup will help you market yourself to customers. A brand is a consistent design and identity that customers can recognise and rely on. It helps a company build a reputation. 

Advertising is a good way to reach new customers and establish a brand identity. But how does advertising help in brand building?

This guide will discuss how advertising can build your brand, including: 

  • What branding does for your business
  • How advertising can build your brand 
  • How to advertise using your brand 

What branding does for your business 

Building a brand can help market your small business to your target audience. A brand helps your business appear professional because the way you present your business is consistent. 

Consider how your brand represents your business

When considering your startup’s brand, you’ll want potential customers to understand your business through the design. To establish a brand for your business, first think about what colours represent your business well. 

For example, if you start a photography business, think about how your branding could relate to photography. Maybe you want to use black and white in the design. Maybe you want to incorporate camera illustrations to show users what you offer. 

You can also design a logo for your business and use it to link everything together. 

Use your brand consistently

Use your brand on your social media platforms and your website. You’ll also want to use it in your advertising. This way, viewers will know what to expect and begin to recognise your business. 

How advertising can build your brand

So, how does advertising help in brand building? You can build your brand’s reputation through a consistent advertising strategy and design. 

Advertise on platforms consistent with your brand

When considering your advertising strategy, think about where customers would expect to find your business. If your business is a fashion boutique, you may want to advertise on Instagram or Pinterest because those platforms have a lot of fashion content. This strategy would be consistent with your brand. 

Overall, advertising on platforms that compliment your business will help people build associations with the business. 

Use complimentary advertisements

Your brand will help to create a consistent design in your advertisements. This means picking the same fonts, colour schemes, and music. You can also add your logo and slogan to all of your advertisements. 

Think of it as creating a portfolio for your business identity. When you put your advertisements beside each other, both visual and video, they can complement one another.  

Stick to the same theme or tone

Apart from visual consistency, you’ll also want to create similar content for your advertisements. If you choose a funny tone for one advertisement, try to stick to that tone. You could also create a stream of adverts within the same theme. 

Each advertisement has the same goal and they can all relate to each other. This way, if someone sees one advertisement, they’ll recognise your business when they see another advertisement. By doing this, your advertisements can begin to build brand identity. 

How to advertise using your brand 

So, now that you understand how advertising helps in brand building, how can you advertise your startup using your brand?

Create a budget

First, you’ll want to consider creating an advertising budget for your business. This will help you decide how much you’ll want to spend on advertising. The advertising budget should include your creation and advertising costs. 

As a startup, you may not want to put all of your business budget towards advertising. You may want to look to smaller platforms or free advertising options, such as partnerships. But as your business grows, you could invest in larger platforms that will reach more viewers. 

Design your advertisements  

You may want to design some advertisements yourself using platforms like Canva or Adobe. When designing advertisements, consider how they can catch the viewer’s attention and remain consistent with your brand. 

Consider how your advertisements will lead viewers to your product. Make sure digital adverts link out to your social media platforms or website. Print or video advertisements can also make your products and services accessible. Make sure they have important information about your business.

If you’d like something more specialised, such as a video, animation, or expert design, you may want to hire someone to design your advertisements. You can find freelance graphic designers on sites like Fiverr or Upwork

Know where to advertise

Some ways you could advertise include: 

  • Paid promotion on Social media 
  • Google Ads
  • Ad reads with influencers, YouTubers, or podcasters
  • Magazine or newspapers
  • Email newsletters
  • Sponsorships 
  • Brand partnerships 

For example, if your business is in social media marketing, you may want to advertise on social media platforms. You can also look into targeted advertisements to make sure your advertisements appear in front of the people most relevant to your business. 

Overall, consider how you can make your advertisements unique to your business and memorable to the viewer. You can find more advertising ideas here

Track your advertisements 

Once you create your advertisements using your brand, you can track their success through Google Analytics

Advertisement analytics will help you understand how advertisements’ reach. They will also help you see which platforms work best for your brand and how much the advertisements help build brand awareness.