Countingup - Pricing


Countingup pricing is small business friendly. Get started with FREE business banking. Accounting & banking launching in 2018.

Monthly subscription for anyone Banking Coming soon in 2018 Coming soon in 2018
For Anyone Self employed sole traders Limited companies
Monthly deposits greater than £750 £2.95 / month Included Included
Payments in/out
Bank account number & sort code
Invoicing & expenses
Profit & loss report
Tax timeline
Customer statements
Automated bookkeeping
Receipt scanning
MTD self assessment filing
MTD VAT filing
MTD corporation tax filing
ATM withdrawals £1 £1 £1
Foreign currency transaction fee 2.75% 2.75% 2.75%
Cash payments in via Post Office £1 £1 £1
Cash payments in via Paypoint 2.5% + 35p 2.5% + 35p 2.5% + 35p

Questions about pricing

How cost effective is accounting and banking in one place?

Using Countingup you are paying just one company rather than two. We crunched the numbers and compared the cost of Countingup against using both a leading high street bank and cloud accounting software company.

What about just the banking?

Remember you can use Countingup banking for FREE i.e. no monthly fee. However, if you cross over the monthly £750 money in threshold then this is how Countingup compares with a selection of other business banks.

Limits per day Countingup Barclays RBS Metro Bank Revolut
Monthly fee £2.95 £6.50 £5.00 £5.00 £25.00
Payments in/out Free Free £0.35 £0.30 Free
Purchases overseas 2.75% 2.75% 2.75% 2.75% Free
Cash payments in £1 via Post Office 2.5% + 35p via Paypoint 1.5% 0.7% 0.5% Service not offered
ATM withdrawal £1 Free Free £0.30 2%

Why is there a fee for ATM withdrawals?

Countingup is business banking on your smartphone. We do not have a network of cash machines so ATM withdrawals are an expensive overhead.

Why is there a fee for foreign currency transactions?

When you make purchases on your Mastercard in foreign currencies like US Dollars and Euros, we have to pay a fee to Mastercard. This Mastercard fee is included in the non sterling transaction fee.

Why is there a fee for cash payments in?

Countingup is business banking on your smartphone. We do not have a branch network so when you deposit cash into your business current account via the Post Office or Paypoint, we have to pay them a fee.

What are the limits on the account?

Limits per day Self employed Limited company
Countingup Account Maximum Balance £60,000 £120,000
Cash deposit via Post Office £500 £500
Cash deposit via PayPoint £500 £500
Incoming UK Faster Payment £60,000 £120,000
Incoming UK BACS payment £60,000 £120,000
Card purchases £10,000 £10,000
Cash withdrawal via ATM £500 £500
Outgoing UK Faster Payment £10,000 £60,000
Outgoing UK Direct Debit Payment £10,000 £60,000