The 2 month Countingup MTD Challenge

For EVERY 5 clients you sign up to Countingup during October and November 2021, get an MTD Grant of £1000

No client limit. And we’ll help you every step of the way.

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What is Countingup?

See how Countingup works for you and your clients.

Designed for clients ‘too small’ for other accounting software

If you have sole trader, self-employed and micro-business clients who:

  • Are not using accounting software yet (and don’t want to)
  • Have accounting software and don’t use it
  • Have accounting software and use it badly (so you have to tidy it up!)

A Countingup business account allows these clients to be MTD ready without them needing to use accounting software.

Countingup does have accounting software but it’s mostly there for you to use and not your clients (especially if they don’t want to).

Switching to a new business account is a lot easier for your clients than using accounting software.

Let’s help you make that happen.

Join the MTD Challenge today

Why join the MTD challenge?

If you…

  • Prefer to follow a process
  • Want to be supported step by step to get your sole trader, self-employed and small business clients MTD ready
  • Know that having a deadline means you’ll get this done
  • Like being PAID to make things happen

…join the Countingup MTD challenge today.

Get PAID to take part

If you take part in the 2 month MTD challenge, we’ll pay you an MTD-ready grant when your sole trader, self-employed and small business clients open a Countingup business account.

Clients must open their Countingup account during October and November 2021.

For EVERY 5 clients that sign up you’ll get £1000.

There’s no limit to the number of clients you can signup to Countingup during the challenge 2 months.

The challenge timeline

October 2021

October is focused on finding 5 pilot customers and getting to know Countingup better.

We’ll help you with:

  • Working out your best pilot clients
  • Your pilot offer
  • Invitations
  • Onboarding for the pilot 5
  • Testimonial templates for your pilot 5

If you get 5 pilot clients by 31st October you’ll get your £1000 MTD grant.

There’s a week-by-week plan to follow and we’ll be supporting you all the way with actions, templates, ideas, and encouragement.

November 2021

November is focused on signing up as many clients as you can to Countingup.

There is no limit to how many clients you can sign up, and we’ll pay you £1000 for every 5 clients that open a Countingup business account by the 30th November 2021.

We’ll help you with:

  • Segmenting your clients
  • Setting targets
  • Inviting clients to signup (with email, letter, webinar, and event assets and support)
  • Using testimonials
  • Follow-up ideas
  • Cheerleading to keep you focused on the final target

Join the MTD Challenge today

MTD challenge small print

There are T&Cs for this challenge as we can’t always guarantee a client is suitable for a Countingup business account (most are, but we need to mention it).

And we need to be clear what we mean by ‘signing up’ a client to Countingup during the challenge time frame. We’ll need to you agree to the T&Cs to take part.

No more chasing paperwork

Clients with a Countingup business account are always connected to your Countingup accounting software. You always have instant access to up to date transaction data. This means no more nagging for missing information. Year ends are now easy.

The easiest MTD switch

It’s a much easier switch for a sole trader or small business client to open a new business account than it is to get them to set up accounting software. In 5 minutes they can have a new business account they can invoice from and pay expenses with from their phone.

With all their business transactions in one place – invoices, bills and expenses, you can manage their accounting for them and file their tax returns online.

Countingup is FREE for accountants

There’s no cost for accountants and bookkeepers to use Countingup to manage client accounts. Your clients pay a small monthly fee for their Countingup business account, but you don’t pay to use the accounting software that’s built in to Countingup.

Join the MTD Challenge today

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“The reporting functionality is perfect to help small entities complete their year end submissions. Countingup is an accounting software package ideal for working with small clients and sole traders. ”

Chris Wade

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