“Countingup is the only account we’re recommending”

Stuart McBain’s practice offers full accountancy solutions to businesses across the UK from their Liverpool office.

We caught up with him to discuss how Countingup helps his clients, and why his team loves recommending it.

This interview was conducted in February 2022.

An account for new businesses

Many of Stuart McBain LTD’s clients are newly formed limited companies, typically falling into one of two categories:

  1. Existing sole trader clients who have outgrown their category and need the protection of limited liability
  2. New clients who are setting up limited companies

Countingup is great for new businesses, as the account opening process is swift and simple. It only takes a few minutes to get started and all clients need is an ID and a selfie for verification.

“Countingup is the only business account we’ve been recommending and, in virtually all cases, our clients are accepting that recommendation.”

It’s a business account, it’s accounting software, it’s Countingup!

Countingup’s hybrid solution to bridging the gap between business accounts and accounting software was what piqued Stuart’s interest: “our decision to use Countingup was predicated on the idea that as far as I’m aware it’s the only business account where you have to question ‘is it a current account or is it accounting software?’ And I like that.”

Stuart and his team are confident that reconciling incomings and outgoings with client accounts will be easier with Countingup: “the fact that everything’s all in one place is a big improvement on what we’ve had.”

Explore how Countingup can help your accounting practice

Increased earnings with Countingup

At Countingup, we like some healthy competition. This is why we offered our accounting partners £1000 for every 5 accounts open.

“The way we ran the challenge was that whoever open the accounts can have the money. That made everybody love Countingup during the challenge! The speed with which we opened accounts definitely increased with the MTD Challenge incentive in place. It’s been a great incentive – internally (looking at my own staff) and externally.”

More than a ‘regular bank’

We pair every one of our accountant partners with a dedicated account manager. They’re here to solve any issues and to make everyone’s lives easier.

Stuart explains: “Just once or twice we’ve had to go to Countingup for advice on how to do something. That issue is now resolved. What’s paramount to me is that our customer relationships are protected – so it’s vital that we and our customers have a positive experience with Countingup. Our account manager was very accommodating and responsive. You don’t get that level of care with a ‘regular’ bankit’s refreshing”.