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Why Countingup?

Old world

  • Business bank account
  • Spreadsheets
  • Accounting software
  • Time lost, money wasted & stress

New world: Countingup

  • Your accounting and banking in one place automated
  • The simple way to run your business


  • Free your time to work on your business
  • Your accounts take five minutes per week
  • Your data is accessible anytime, anywhere & securely backed up in the cloud
  • Be stress free and in control of getting paid on time
  • Know how your business is performing in real time and be confident you are paying the correct tax

Your income and expenses

Categorised automatically

Pricing plans

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Can my accountant get access?
With lots of clients, your accountant may be grappling with:

  • Time lost to manually checking unwieldy spreadsheets and supporting records
  • A migration nightmare as MTD forces clients to adopt digital software
  • An increased administrative burden from quarterly MTD submissions
  • A shift in the profession from bookkeeper to trusted advisor
How much does Countingup cost?
  • Start banking for FREE - Get started today with our FREE business current account, Master Card and banking app. Open an account in 5 minutes.
  • Accounting & banking - To make running your business really simple, our automated accounting features are included on every plan.

Are you an accountant?

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