The best alternative to Xero accounting software

Are you looking for a Xero accounting software alternative to manage your small business finances? 

Countingup is the only accounting software that’s designed specifically for one-person businesses. Whether you operate as a sole trader or a limited company, Countingup is packed with features that will make financial management a breeze.

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Why Countingup is the best Xero alternative

When you sign up to Countingup, you get to enjoy lots of useful and well-designed features that help you manage your business finances. Keep reading to learn more about why Countingup is the best alternative for your small business:

Xero CountingUp
Countingup has a starter plan that allows you to benefit from all our features for free until you earn over £500 per month. Xero also has a Starter plan, but it comes with a monthly charge.
Starter – £12/month
Standard – £26/month
Premium – £33/month
Starter – Free
Standard – £4.95/month
Premium – £9.95/month
Business account
Countingup is a two-in-one business account and accounting software. Upon signing up, you get a contactless Mastercard, sort code, and account number to separate your business and personal finances.
No Yes
Automated expense categorisation
Countingup’s automatically categorises your expenses, so you don’t have to. You can keep an accurate, digital record of your business expenses with ease. The categories are also HMRC-approved to help with tax filing.
No Yes
Live, accurate cash flow insights
Access up-to-date and accurate cash flow insights in the Countingup app so you know exactly how your business is doing at any time. The accounting software gives you the insight you need to run your business efficiently.
No Yes
Receipt capture
Say goodbye to pockets stuffed with receipts! Countingup’s handy receipt capture tool allows you to stay organised on the go.
Yes Yes
Invoice on the go
With the Countingup app, you can create and send unlimited customised invoices from anywhere. The system sorts, matches, and files invoices automatically so you know who’s paid you at a glance. Get this Xero alternative feature for a much more reasonable price!
Yes – for a cost Send unlimited invoices, free.
Profit and loss reports
Countingup generates profit and loss reports to help with taxes, loan applications, attracting investors, and running your business more effectively. Get the same feature as Xero for a much lower price!
Yes Yes – tailored for small business owners
Tax estimates
View tax estimates all year round, so you know how much to set aside each month. This way, you’ll avoid surprises when it comes to submitting your tax return. It’s not only cheaper but a better option for small businesses!
Yes Yes – tailored for small business owners
Making Tax Digital
Countingup is MTD-compatible, meaning you’ll have all the tools you need to file your taxes digitally with your accountant. You can stay compliant without overpaying for your software!
Yes Yes – for a better price
Share with your accountant
Countingup makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your accountant. Simply invite them to your account to give them instant access to your records for easy and accurate bookkeeping.
Yes Yes

Experience first-class service and tailored support

Countingup’s team of experts is at your service from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm to answer any questions you may have.

Setting you up for success

Countingup’s team is on a mission to help small business owners succeed. The team has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges that one-person businesses might face. You can rest easy knowing our team will do everything they can to support your journey and help you operate effectively.


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We also have hundreds of specialised guides that can help you with setting up and running your business, how to manage your finances, promote your business, and much more. You’ll find them in our Resource Library.

If you have any questions, you can check out our Support Articles for information on your account, debit card, accountant access, invoicing, expenses and bills, and much more.

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