It has been an incredible few months for Countingup since our official launch at the start of April. We have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on some of our banking features, making support work as efficiently as possible, and of course, building out our accountancy features.

In just the last 5 weeks, we have doubled our customer base. We have been kept incredibly busy bringing new customers onto the Countingup platform, and speaking with the real people who are opening business accounts with us.

Over 2,000 innovative sole traders and limited companies have already opened an account. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has signed up.

Our customers drive our roadmap

While some more traditional companies might avoid speaking with their customers, we embrace it. In fact, we specifically ask our customers for product feature ideas.

When we asked, we were told that CSV exports of their data and PDF statements were vital for a majority of our customers. So we got working on it right away.

Two months later and we have delivered both and are already working on the next thing our customers asked us for.

As we grow and expand as a team, these ideas and the feedback we get from customers will become even more important.

Keeping customers delighted

With the kind of rapid growth in customers that we are seeing, it can be tough to keep up the momentum. However, our Support team has been doing an unbelievable job of keeping up with demand for new accounts, as well as helping our existing customers.

In fact, we recently surveyed our customers to get data for our first Net Promoter Score and we are pretty pleased with the results. We always want to improve, but we are happy that a lot of our customers like our service so much that they are likely to promote us to family and friends.

As we grow, we want to keep up this standard. To stay on top of demand, and to make sure we are able to answer as many customer queries as possible, we are building our processes with the future in mind.

Keeping up momentum

Getting more customers on board is fantastic, but it doesn’t mean we can slow down. We are working hard to make sure that running your business with Countingup is as simple as possible.

This happens behind the scenes as well as with new feature-led updates. Little tweaks here and there to improve app speed and performance, removing steps to make our signup flow even faster and many other small changes that add up to make a big difference.

That being said, our next short-term feature update is a big one: invoicing. A lot of our customers have expressed a desire for this feature and we have been gathering feedback and working with small businesses to deliver it.

In the mid-to-long term, we have lots to keep people excited. We are already laying the groundwork for expense management and a little thing called MTD, which needs a small business focused solution.

Back in May, we were counting up to 500 customers. Now, as we have gone past 2,000 customers, we are still looking ahead to the next thing that will help us on our journey to revolutionise banking and accounting for small businesses.

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