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Why partner with Countingup?

Countingup is the UK’s leading accounting and banking app. We’re leading the small business banking revolution by putting accounting and banking together in one simple app. Over 10,000 small businesses have chosen to use Countingup to run their business.

Join the hundreds of accountants who have already signed up to become Countingup accountant partners. By adding accounting features such as invoicing, expense capture and automated transaction categorisation, Countingup redefines what a business current account is.

Sign up to our partner programme for free by clicking the link below and you’ll access a range of benefits, including:

Reasons to sign up

  • Open accounts for clients in minutes
  • Account opening incentives for you or your clients
  • Marketing materials, including logos, for you to use on your website
  • A dedicated entry in our “Trusted Advisor” accountants directory
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