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Read our Privacy Policy to see how we use your personal data.


After your initial 6 month free trial, you’ll pay a monthly subscription fee depending on how much money you deposit into your account. Transaction fees apply.


Total monthly deposits

£0 – £750


Total monthly deposits

£750 – £7,500


Total monthly deposits


Frequently asked questions

Countingup is designed for sole traders and small limited companies with up to two directors. If your business fits this description, apply now!

You can open a Countingup account if you are either:

  • The director of a limited company registered with UK Companies House; or
  • A sole trader registered with HMRC

You (and any people with significant control) also need to be:

  • A UK resident
  • At least 18 years old

And you will need:

  • A smartphone with the Countingup app installed (minimum supported version iOS 12+ and Android 5+)
  • A valid UK mobile number
  • A valid email address

Your ID needs to be in date and valid. Countingup accepts the following documentation:

  • Passport of any nationality
  • Driving licence of any nationality (incl. Provisional licence)
  • ID card of any European nationality


Your Countingup account is provided by Prepay Technologies Limited (trading as PPS). As an e-money institution, PPS protects your business’ money through a process known as safeguarding.

Safeguarding means that your business’ money is kept separate from PPS’s own money and isn’t protected by an insurance policy or similar guarantee. Your business’ safeguarded money is not available to any creditors, banks or other third parties. This means that the money will always be available should you ask us to refund your e-money.

PPS is required to undergo annual independent audits of safeguarding procedures to ensure your safeguarded money is properly protected.

Safeguarding applies to all Countingup customers, with no defined limit per customer or account (besides our normal maximum account balance). This means that all the money within your Countingup account is protected.

Read more in this support article.