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The best banking decision you can make for your small business

The Countingup business current account is designed to save you time and hassle when managing your business.

Small business banking

Fast account opening

Countingup doesn't make you wait for weeks just to get an appointment. Get a current account that moves as fast as your business and sign up in just minutes.

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Everything you would expect from a bank

A Countingup business current account gives you everything you expect from a traditional bank account like a sort code/account number, direct debits and a contactless Mastercard as standard.

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Our Mastercard

The Countingup card is accepted at locations that accept Mastercard. Our contactless card is the perfect companion to our app with advanced security features like freezing your card if you lose it.

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Direct debits

Easily manage your payments from our mobile app. View all active direct debits, the date they are due to leave your account and cancel them if necessary.

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Control your data

All of your data is safely and securely stored in the cloud, but it is very easy to access in the format you need. Download CSV or PDF transaction history in just a few taps.

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Payments in and out

View our FAQs for help with any account questions you have about the Countingup card, sending or receiving payments, raising invoices and more.

Sending and receiving payments