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Reclaim your time from financial admin

Take back your time thanks to automated bookkeeping, quick and easy invoicing and simple expense management.

Countingup accounting benefits

Raise, send and track invoices

Get a professional looking invoice in just a few taps. Raise it, preview what it will look like to your client, and send by email.

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Auto-match payments to invoices

Incoming payments get automatically matched to the relevant invoices whenever possible. Just one more thing you don't have to worry about.

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Automated bookkeeping

Incoming and outgoing payments are automatically categorised for you, exactly when they happen. Never worry about your books again!

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Expense management

Quickly and easily manage your expenses by attaching notes and photographs to transactions. Snap a photo of a receipt or leave yourself a reminder message for later.

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Real-time profit and loss

Updated in real-time whenever you make a purchase or a sale. Get actionable insights into the financial health of your business immediately.

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Looking for help on how to raise or cancel an invoice? Want to know how to manually match a payment? Head over to our Help Centre now.