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Register as a sole trader

To register as a sole trader there are four important tasks you need to complete. Open a business bank account fast, keep the taxman at bay, register with HMRC and assess the need for an accountant.

At Countingup we help you do everything. Starting your business is going to be easy.

1) Get a business account, fast

  • Do not use your personal current account. Mix up your business transactions in your personal account and you will create a bookkeeping and tax headache for yourself that will waste time.
  • Do look professional. Impress your customers with a new business bank account.
  • Do get started for free in 5 minutes. Sign up to Countingup’s business current account in just 5 minutes (no lengthy forms). It’s free to open. Find out why 20k sole traders bank with Countingup.

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2) Keep the taxman at bay

  • Get a real-time estimate of your tax. You don’t want to fall foul of HMRC in your first year. The Countingup business account has a built-in tax estimate to give you peace of mind. You will know how much to keep aside for the taxman at the end of the year.
  • Get your records organised. HMRC requires sole traders keep records of all business transactions. Countingup automates all of this for you.
  • Get paid fast. Coutingup lets you create professional invoices with your logo. Invoice your customers and get paid fast.

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3) Register as a sole trader

  • Do register as a sole trader. Simply click on the link below and pop your email into the form to start the process of registering as a sole trader with HMRC. It’s really simple to do.

>> Click to register as a sole trader

4) Find an accountant

  • Consider getting some extra help. We work with thousands of recommended accountants at Countingup. Starting a new business might raise more questions than answers. If you want some answers sign up to Countingup and, if you choose to, we’ll connect you with a local, trusted partner accountant.

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