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Accountants Cardiff

How do you find a recommended accountant in Cardiff and keep the cost down? If you’ve started a new business and have been asking yourself the same questions then here are some answers.

Tips for choosing a company name

So you’re getting close to choosing a great name for your new company. Remember, this name could represent you and your work for years so it’s worth running it through some checks upfront.

The clients that make Countingup - SEASONED LTD

Most entrepreneurs are no stranger to shiny object syndrome –– you know, that moment when you hit upon a cool new idea, a way to pivot your business you hadn’t previously thought of, a new avenue to explore, a new service to introduce?

5 mistakes you're making with your invoices

Sending an invoice — that’s the easy bit, right? You’ve expended all that effort finding a customer, you’ve negotiated pricing and terms, gone back and forth over scope, produced the work and received great feedback.